Carlos Sandoval is an internationally active composer and sound artist. He is best known for his work combining technology and a gestalt approach (The whole is something more than the sum of its parts) to the art of music composition and performance. Michael Zwenzner describes him as a "socio-critical magician of multimedia-enhanced instrumental theatre". Cognitive theories of language as an object and theories about our inability to differentiate the external world from our own psyche currently exert a great influence on his work.


Fields of interest: Democratization of creativity - Relationship between technology and discourse - Conceptual speculation on "open" and "closed" spaces - Non-solfeistic musical coding -  Disruption of free improvisation - Use of video as a compositional pencil - Use of interpretative imprecisions as an aesthetic resource -  Rhythm of spoken language as a reference of musical composition - Soundscape as an anthropological-constructive mother cell of the creative drive.




Photo: Garduno del Toro, Berlin 2017