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2024 \WIP! updating as fast as I can!
23-24 Hong Art Museum, Chongquin, China, Post-covid series, group exhibition, Pashmin Art Managment.
2018 Rise boys and girls the same way, catalogue for the exhibition The Women Behind, Jerusalem, Middle East, Photo Series, Hidden 2, video installation, Mueum of the Seam.  
2017 Smallroom Berlin, Germany. Qu Trompa, For Trumpet, Water, saliva and tape. Ship version. Commission: Callum, G Froerer.
2017 HAU 2, Berlin Germany, The Mexican National Anthem as I recall it from my childhood, for ensemble, 2-channel video, Soprano Obbligato, Flag conductor and Tape. Festival CTM
2014 Magazine Ixiptla, Spring 2015, Vol 3, ISBN 978-3-94-3514-35-3, Berlin, Germany, Antilego, photo series, p.p 80.  
2014 Magazine Ixiptla, Spring 2014, Vol 1, ISBN 978-3-94-3514-25-4, Berlin, Germany, Antilego, photo series, p.p 156.  
2014 Magazine Sur, Spring 2014, Vol 1, ISBN 978-3-94-3514-26-1, Mexico City, On Nancarrows Legacy, print series. p.p 33
2014 Berlin Germany, Score, 125 Party Pieces for John Cage, 125 Facsimiles in Box, EAN: 9990051951233. Commission editor: Forum zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig
\WIP! San Lorenzo, Milpa Alta, Mexico, Fatalismo Magico, Opera sobre el deseo y la nostalgia. Commission Alumnos 47
\WIP! Open air and Orangerie, Innsbruck Austria, Viertel Nach Schatten, Commission: Grazer Kusntverein
\WIP! Tauben Platz, Berlin, Germany, Open Air, Berlin Germany,  Klavierstrasse
\WIP! Kleiner Wasser speicher, Berlin Gemany The body of Ligia, Commission Festival 5 plus 1,
\WIP! Nubes y nomadas,
\WIP! FIMNME, Mexico, Switzerland, Berlin, Online, Hearing in Bed, Commission: LIMINAR, Ensemble and Ensemble Contechamps
\WIP! Kesselhaus, Kulturbrauerei, Die trennen der Dinge
\WIP! Biberdamm-Assut
\WIP! Strawinsky Saal, Donaueschingen Germany, Antilegos, 3 live and video solos, Festival Donaueschinger Musiktage. Commission: Ensemble Mosaik.
\WIP! Akademie der Kunste, Berlin Germany, Teleprompter commission: ensemble Mosaik
2012 Lab for Electronics Arts and Performance, LEAP, Berlin, Germany, Lips revisited for voice and live electronics. Body controlled number 5-Gestures.
2011 Museum in Wasserwerk, Berlin, Germany, Qu trompa, for trumpet, water, saliva and tape, Berliner Gesellschaft fur Neue Musik. Commission: Paul Hubner.
2010 Fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam,  Germany, PfMd_01, for piano and tape. Interzonansen 2013
2010 Hamburger Sprechwerk, Hamburg, Germany, El Instrumento, Performance for dancer and live electronics. DanceKiosk Festival. Commission Dance-Kiosk.
2010 Hauptbahnhof, Oldenburg, Germany, Qu trompa, Performance for trumpet, Water, Saliva and tape. Bahnklang frstoval (under the umbrella of Festival Sounding D).
2010 Basilica Menor del Convento de San Fransisco de Asis, Havanna, Cuba, Coro_MD for mixed choir, objects and tape, Festival Primavera en la Habana 2010.
2010 Die Insel, Berlin, Germany, Klangkaskaden, by The Tilt, sound installation with trees and water in movement. Commission: EU Soziale Stadt, Berlin City, German Federal Government and Interzone.
2009 Laberinto de las Ciencias, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Joysticks, electronics hacking and Performance for kids, Festival de San Luis. Commission: Festival de San Luis
2009 Frac Bougogne, Dijon, France, Petenera: Guitar, toy guitar and acting, Festival Printems Why Not. Commission SNCA
2009 BKA Theater, Berlin, Germany, Qu Vara, for Trombon, Water, Saliva and Tape, Commision Hilary Jeffery, Unerhoerte Musik series.
2009 Pfeffeberg, Berlin, Germany, One second  for Folkmar Hein, electroacoustics, Singhur Horgallerie. Commission: festival funf plus eins
2009 Aula der Kieler Gelernteschule, Kiel, Germany, Die basta Zeiten sind vorbei, for ensemble, live-electronics and graphic. Commission Ensemble Mosaik
2009 Alte-Post, Berlin Neukolln, Germany, Umgebung, Nano opera for mixed choir, chamber ensemble and live elektronic, Commission Kulturnetzwerk Neukolln e.V.
2009 Theatre D'Orleans, Orleans, France, PfMd_01, for piano and tape, Orleans Concours Interational. Comission SNCA, Mexico.
2009 Theatre des Buffes du Nord, Paris, France, PfMd_01, for piano and tape, Orleans Concours Interational. Comission SNCA, Mexico. French Premiere.
2009 Die Insel, Berlin, Germany, Baumberauschen 2, by The Tilt, sound installation with trees in movement. Commission: European Union.
2008 Wendel, Berlin, Germany, Crowds roared with delight, by The Tilt, live electronics and percussion performance, 1. Festival fur Gegenwartige Musik und Grafik.
2008 Kesselhaus, kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany, Die Basta Zeiten sind Vorbei, Performance graphic score and ensamble, commission: Ensamble Mosaik, Open Sources series.
2008 Galerie Hope and Glory, Kornerpark, Berlin, Germany,  Baumberauschen, by The Tilt, Sound Installation in a public park based on trees movements. Comission: Kunst Identitat series through the Europen Union's Soziale Stadt program.
2007 lawrence Batley Theater, Huddersfield, England, Mosaicos, live-electronics and conducting, Huddersfield contemporary Music Festival, commission: ensemble mosaik.
2007 TU Elektronisches Studio, TU University, Berlin, Germany, Biosphere Lab, by the Tilt. An esperimental extension of the Technisches Universitat Berlin, Elektronisches Studio.
2007 Kleinen Wasserspeicher, Berlin, Germany, The body of Ligia, Live electronics-body performance, commission: Funf + 1 festival.
2007 Technische Universitat Campus, Berlin, Germany,This tree is a composer, wind-based sound installation, commission: Lange Tag der Stadtnatur festival.
2007 7. stock, Dresden, Germany, The Tilt Concert. Live-electronics performance.

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, Germany, Die schaukel, Live electronics, concert and performance with several performers, commission: Interaktion Festival.


Conservatorio de Musica  J. Guadalupe Velazquez, Queretaro City, Mexico, The tilt en concierto, Live electronics performance with Oori Shalev.



Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin, Germany, The Birth of a Ship, by The Tilt, Sonic sculpture for 3 percussion players (on Ships) and live electronics. Commission: Berlin Senat and Lange Nacht der Museen.
2006 Goldbeckhaus, Hamburg, Germany, Tilt-Berlin, Concert and sound-installation, Commission: Festival Eigenarten.
2006 Patio central de la Universidad de San Luis, San Luis Potosi City, Mexico, Sotavento by The Tilt, A forest of sonic trees, sound installation, Festival de San Luis. Berlin-Florence-San Luis. Commission: Festival de San Luis.
2005 Museo de la Ciudad. Queretaro City, Mexico,  Nuevos Instrumentos, Live-elecronic pieces, Solo concert: "Mextoys 1", "Negative Skitze fur sensibel Hande", "Autorretrato" and "Sextoys".
2004 Hochschule fur Musik und Theater, Hamburg, Germany, Mex.Toys, for percussion, video, dance and electronics, premiere
2004 Capilla Helenico, Mexico City, Mexico, Ludika, Performance for percussionist. The electronic hammer.
2004 BKA Theater, Berlin, Germany, Qu, performative piece for Trombone, water, saliva and tape. Unerhoerte Musik, Hilary Jeffery.
2004 Goldbeckhaus, Hamburg, Germany, Mex.toys, video, percussion, dance, performance and electronics, Festival Eigenarten.
2004 Auditorio Blas Galindo, CNA, Mexico City, 8to, for ensemble, Camerata de las Americas.
2010 Basilica menor del convento San Fransisco de Asis, Habana Cuba, CoroMD, mixed choir and electroacoustics, Electroacoustic music festival Primavera en la Habana
2003 Auditorio Blas Galindo, CNA, Mexico City, 8to, for ensemble, Camerata de las Americas. FIMME 03
2003 ValentinsKampf 34, Hamburg, Germany, Check Point Hope, sound collaboration for a performance, with Y. Gutierrez.
2003 Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City, PfMd_01, for piano, Premiere, Marion Vidal.
2003 Kingston University, School of music, Kingston, UK, Coro MD, performative piece, eCOOter ensamble, Stanley Picker Gallery.
2003 Sala Ponce, Cuernavaca, Mexico, PfMd01, for piano, Marion Vidal.
2003 Centro Cultural los Lagos, Veracruz, Mexico, 69 video installation, sound collaboration with D. Veras. Festival Flama 01.
2002 Goldbeckhaus, Hamburg, Germany, Quick Instant Soup, sound collaboration with Y. Gutierrez. Festival Eigenarten 2002.
2001 La Jornada Morelos, El Sí en Pies, Cuernavaca, Mexico, Poem and Photo, co-editor and author.
1994 Donaueschingen, Germany, Fast Piece for player Piano, Piece for automata, Festival Donaueschinger Musiktage
1990 Aula der Georg-Buchner-Schule, Studiokonzert 1, Darmstadt, Germany, Ginantria, cello solo, Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, 
1985 Foro Cultural Efrén Rebolledo, Pachuca, Mexico, Unicornio, group photo-exhibition,
1984 Municipality Library, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 5 Proposiciones Visuales, Group photo-exhibition, Coordinación Cultural del Estado de Morelos, biblioteca municipal.
1983 Análisis, N.Y., USA,  (political magazine), political illustration
1983 El encuentro inesperado, Los Angeles, USA. Photonovela on the sexual violence in Los Angeles), photography.
1983 Literaricum (literature magazine), Vienna, Austria, Nr. 1:82, photography
1983 El Día / Newspaper , México City, Literature and poetry illustration, cultural section.

La Garrapata, México City, political magazine, cartonist, .

1982:   Internationalen Studenten-Club, Vienna, Austria, Zeichnungen und Aquarelle, solo exhibition.
1982 Modena Art Gallerie, Vienna, Austria, 14 Zeichnungen, 6 aquarelle, 5 photomontagen, 15 photos, solo exhibition.


Colibrí Magazine,Mexico City,  illustration.